My 6th week in media!

My 7th ever podcast!!! I’m now on ITUNES! finally i might add, after much work and effort i manged to get this on iTunes which explains the lack of changes this week. In the future i’m trying to get everything on YouTube and even make specific YouTube videos reviewing films because it seems like the next logical step. This would mean that the podcast would either stay as a review podcast but more chatty or would change into a more discussion and news based podcast (obviously still on media). But ignoring all that this week i Review the brand new entry to the DC franchise “Suicide Squad” and the previous entry “Batman Vs Superman”. Also reviewed is the BBC 1 drama “Happy Valley” and the gripping 2010 thriller “Buried”. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check me out on iTunes.

My 7th week in media + “TRANSITION”-TRAILER

My 8th ever podcast! My apologies for a few technical issues (Especially during the Mike and Dave review) will try to not make the same mistake next time. This week i review “The shallows”, “Mike and Dave need wedding dates”, “nerve” and “Petes dragon”. I’m trying out a new website, SoundCloud turned out to be a nightmare,  so as soon as I can iTunes should auto update however it may be a few days after this week’s initial release. You should be able to download the podcast off this website (on android you can anyway) or at least stream. When I finally get time I will attempt to put every episode on YouTube as well (most things are sorted for that though) as iTunes. So yeah enjoy this weeks podcast however underneath the link is a teaser for an upcoming project.

So if you haven’t already seen on my Twitter and Facebook I have another reason as too why this blog is heavily slacking. I’ve Decided that over the next few weeks I’m going to be making a series of 5, 1 minute long shorts each centering around something different. The first of which is called “TRANSITION” and more will be obvious when you see it.The idea is to help myself get better at filming and editing while also making something cool at the same time.i I admit this is quite a poor trailer however it’s not actually using any footage from the final film and more a teaser for the idea of the theme than anything else. The final films will be a lot more carefully made and will have a lot more thought into them this was just a test to see if what I wanted to do would work and I think it will now. I will be putting the final films everywhere I can (this is why them being 1 minute long helps a lot) and I hope you like what I’m attempting to do, enjoy!

Written by Dawson Roberts