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100 Film challenge

When I first got my Cineworld unlimited card people kept asking me “How are you gonna get your money’s worth?” And I always replied with “I’ll find a way”. From about 2 week in I started a Instagram account in which I reviewed everything I saw, and started a 100 film challenge. This would be my way of keeping track of every film I saw throughout the year, at the cinema, and each had a mini review. However reviews grew longer and a longer  and films started to be missed off eventually leaving the account to slowly die down. From there it looked like my 100 film goal was unlikely but like the true underdog story this is I bounced back and here I am having completed my original challenge. My account eventually became this blog and the blog the podcast.

In under a year of unlimited I have seen 100 different films. The key word there being different, if you count duplicate viewings I have seen 106-7 films all in just over 11 months. That’s a hell of a lot of films and if you look at statistics you can see how much money I’ve actually saved.

So if the unlimited card costs £208.80 and an average cinema ticket for a student costs £6.60 then it would only take 32 films to have got my money’s worth. This therefore means I have had my money’s worth 3 times over. To be exact without unlimited I would have spent £702.60 which is a £497.40 profit which shows that I really did get my money’s worth. But that’s not the important thing here, what’s important is that even though the Instagram account died I still kept a note on every film I saw, with a score attached to them. So I figured now that my 100 film challenge is over I would show my list to the world, so below is my 100 film list. From solace to Morgan it’s been a damn good year in film.


So there you have it my terrible rating system in all its glory, feel free to take me up on any of the scores there im always good for a film argument. What i will say they are relatively rough scores that i give as as soon as i see a film. None of these have been changed on reflection these are my instant thoughts on a  film. What’s best is have still have films to go this month so my target would have been smashed. I’m gonna have another challenge starting on my birthday (25th of september) and I hope to live up to this success here.

Here’s to another year of unlimited.



My “Bourne” week in media 

My first and last ever “Bourne” podcast special! This week to celebrate the release of “Jason Bourne” I decided to watch and review ever Bourne film up to the new one (as I haven’t seen seen any of them until now). So in this is review “Identity” , “Supremacy” , “Ultimatum” and the spin off sequel “Legacy”. For this I have spent a lot more time critiquing each and every film for the review, as you may have seen on my Twitter (@Dawsbear), to give a better analysis of each film for people.

I really enjoyed actually sitting down and going through each film and will most likely start doing this for other franchises, for example I have never watched any “Indiana Jones” (besides crystal skull) and I just bought the boxset of that so I’ll review those soon. Other than the more time and effort I put in very little has changed and I thank people who spend the time actually listening to these. If you do listen let me know and tell me what you think. Thanks a lot and the next proper podcast should be out tommorow morning so enjoy that as well. Back to normal schedule next week (Monday morning release).

Time stamps-

Identity- 4.04

Supremacy- 15.48


Legacy- 38.18