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Video reviews! (Jack Reacher 2 review)

So it begins video reviews are finally here and while they are far from perfect this is the first video review I’m actually happy with posting. The idea here is that every single week I do a new video review for every new release I get to go and watch, which means you wont have to sit through an hour long podcast to get a new release review.

For my first review I thought I’d do a big blockbuster currently storming the uk screens and that is “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” starring Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders and Robert Knepper. Its a tame action thriller and you can see all my thought on it in the video link below.


Now as I said the quality of the video isn’t perfect and as the weeks go on and i do more reviews I’m hoping it gets better and better, but for the time being Im happy with the length and style I’m doing it in. If there is anything you think I should change (Thumbnail will change soon i know that’s horrible) please let me know either in person, You-tube or anything else you can find me on.

What does this mean for the podcast though? It means it’s changing but it isn’t gone. The podcast will no longer feature new releases and instead focus primarily on Trailers, Tv and older film reviews (like catch-up reviews and series reviews). The idea is to make the podcast around half an hour shorter than it is now and make it something you could easily listen to on a single bus journey.

As the weeks go on more and more types of videos will be added to the channel like top 5/10’s, Video essays and short films and hopefully youll be able to watch my channel grow with me.

I work endlessly hard on everything for this channel and it means so much when people actually go out of their way to watch these videos and podcasts. I Don’t expect anyone to do it so its all the better when people say they have.

Thankyou so much and enjoy the future of “My week in media”.



My 8th and 9th week in media!

So at this moment in time iTunes is an issue and with moving over to a new website and a variety of other projects at the moment it’s going to be some time before I can actually get back on iTunes and have everything sorted out. So to make up for the lack of an iTunes presence I’ve decided to put the podcast on YouTube. YouTube is going to become more and more prominent as time goes on as I’ve said multiple times I want to move away from the review podcast (want it to be more chatty than formal) and have actual video reviews for each and every film I watch. That hopefully will start before the end of the year, however James again made me some more images an I’ve now got a full YouTube channel in which every podcast gets uploaded to. Older podcast are going to be put on there but for now it’s just the new ones.

So the new podcasts. I didn’t make a blog post on that one as I was very busy but it was released and the reception I had from it was very good, too me it’s the best one I’ve had to date and I really enjoyed recording that despite a foray of terrible films. In that episode I reviewed “Nine Lives”, “Swallows and Amazon’s”, “The butterfly effect”, “Lights out” and a one minute review of “Hardcore Henry”. I hope you enjoy!

Time stamps-

Lights out- 4:47

Nine lives – 16:28

Hardcore Henry – 27:21

Swallows and amazons – 31:00

The butterfly effect – 38:36


In the latest podcast  5 minute reviews are now officially a thing (if you ignore the purge: election year review) and I’m really glad I’ve got to that point now. This is the most reviews I’ve ever got into a podcast, and it’s the same length as any of the previous ones which is great! One minute reviews are more prominent now, an will carry on being in the future, and more features will slowly be introduced in the coming weeks. Anyway this week I review the entire “Purge” trilogy, “David Brent: Life on the road” , “Pop star: Never stop, Never stopping”, ” Mechanic: resurrection”, “Bad moms” and “War dogs”. I hope you enjoy and please like an subscribe and tell me what you think!


Time stamps-

David Brent: Life on the road- 2:32

Mechanic Resurrection – 9:45

(One minute review) The Purge- 16:05

War Dogs- 18:00

Popstar: Never stop, Never stopping – 25:02

(One minute review) The Purge: Anarchy – 33:13

Bad moms – 35:09

The purge: Election year – 42:45


So there we have it two podcasts and so much more to come. My 5 short film project is coming along nicely and I’m well into making all 5 of them I hope to be able to release them all before the end of September and i hope that they are all quite thought provoking.

Dawson Roberts

My 6th week in media!

My 7th ever podcast!!! I’m now on ITUNES! finally i might add, after much work and effort i manged to get this on iTunes which explains the lack of changes this week. In the future i’m trying to get everything on YouTube and even make specific YouTube videos reviewing films because it seems like the next logical step. This would mean that the podcast would either stay as a review podcast but more chatty or would change into a more discussion and news based podcast (obviously still on media). But ignoring all that this week i Review the brand new entry to the DC franchise “Suicide Squad” and the previous entry “Batman Vs Superman”. Also reviewed is the BBC 1 drama “Happy Valley” and the gripping 2010 thriller “Buried”. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check me out on iTunes.

My 7th week in media + “TRANSITION”-TRAILER

My 8th ever podcast! My apologies for a few technical issues (Especially during the Mike and Dave review) will try to not make the same mistake next time. This week i review “The shallows”, “Mike and Dave need wedding dates”, “nerve” and “Petes dragon”. I’m trying out a new website, SoundCloud turned out to be a nightmare,  so as soon as I can iTunes should auto update however it may be a few days after this week’s initial release. You should be able to download the podcast off this website (on android you can anyway) or at least stream. When I finally get time I will attempt to put every episode on YouTube as well (most things are sorted for that though) as iTunes. So yeah enjoy this weeks podcast however underneath the link is a teaser for an upcoming project.

So if you haven’t already seen on my Twitter and Facebook I have another reason as too why this blog is heavily slacking. I’ve Decided that over the next few weeks I’m going to be making a series of 5, 1 minute long shorts each centering around something different. The first of which is called “TRANSITION” and more will be obvious when you see it.The idea is to help myself get better at filming and editing while also making something cool at the same time.i I admit this is quite a poor trailer however it’s not actually using any footage from the final film and more a teaser for the idea of the theme than anything else. The final films will be a lot more carefully made and will have a lot more thought into them this was just a test to see if what I wanted to do would work and I think it will now. I will be putting the final films everywhere I can (this is why them being 1 minute long helps a lot) and I hope you like what I’m attempting to do, enjoy!

Written by Dawson Roberts

My week in media

So I haven’t put a post on here for nearly 2 weeks now and that’s because I’ve been extremely busy with lots of various things. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been watching films but what it does mean is that I haven’t had the time to make posts for them. At the moment I have around 7-8 posts that are in the draft stage and as some of these films are no longer at the cinema its likely these wont see the light of day until the BD or DVD releases. But because I’ve been so busy it drew to light 2 major flaws with this blog, hopefully this will help solve those flaws a little bit.

The first flaw was that i haven’t  been reviewing every film I could. I see around 3-4 films a week most of which are at the cinema, and along with school and other outside activities i cannot review every film to a standard I’m happy with. I’m working on so many different things that its near impossible to review everything i see, so i realized i needed a way around this. The second and biggest flaw was that I’m not exactly a brilliant writer, I make lots of grammatical errors and I struggle to notice them. I am trying to improve in that but I know personally that i am a better speaker than I am writer.

So to combat both of those issues, and listen to advice given to me by people who take the time to read my posts, I should just talk about them. So I’m starting this, “My week in media” a weekly podcast in which I review every film I saw in the week . This means I can remove all issues I have with my blog and make it more like me. This by no means, means I’m ending my blog this will continue with reviews throughout the podcasts tenure. However this does mean reviews on the blog will be less frequent but hopefully around 1 or 2 a week. This allows me to talk about every single film I see without the pressure of the blog, its also a lot quicker (or it will be when I get better at editing).

So without further ado here is “My week in media Week 1”, its a crap title i Realize but its catchy so its staying for now. This isn’t the best i admit but I’ve worked really hard on it and I know what to change for future installments. The main thing ill be changing in the future will be the length of the podcast, I understand this is too long however it is digestible and can bed listened in multiple parts. In future my aim is to do 10 minute reviews and make the podcast around 45 minutes long.


Time stamps-

Independence day resurgence- 3.08

Elvis and Nixon- 21.00

The mist- 32.25

Orange is the new black: Season 4 – 52.57



If you have listened THANKYOU!  let me know what you think i appreciate any feedback 🙂