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My 6th week in media!

My 7th ever podcast!!! I’m now on ITUNES! finally i might add, after much work and effort i manged to get this on iTunes which explains the lack of changes this week. In the future i’m trying to get everything on YouTube and even make specific YouTube videos reviewing films because it seems like the next logical step. This would mean that the podcast would either stay as a review podcast but more chatty or would change into a more discussion and news based podcast (obviously still on media). But ignoring all that this week i Review the brand new entry to the DC franchise “Suicide Squad” and the previous entry “Batman Vs Superman”. Also reviewed is the BBC 1 drama “Happy Valley” and the gripping 2010 thriller “Buried”. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check me out on iTunes.

My “Bourne” week in media 

My first and last ever “Bourne” podcast special! This week to celebrate the release of “Jason Bourne” I decided to watch and review ever Bourne film up to the new one (as I haven’t seen seen any of them until now). So in this is review “Identity” , “Supremacy” , “Ultimatum” and the spin off sequel “Legacy”. For this I have spent a lot more time critiquing each and every film for the review, as you may have seen on my Twitter (@Dawsbear), to give a better analysis of each film for people.

I really enjoyed actually sitting down and going through each film and will most likely start doing this for other franchises, for example I have never watched any “Indiana Jones” (besides crystal skull) and I just bought the boxset of that so I’ll review those soon. Other than the more time and effort I put in very little has changed and I thank people who spend the time actually listening to these. If you do listen let me know and tell me what you think. Thanks a lot and the next proper podcast should be out tommorow morning so enjoy that as well. Back to normal schedule next week (Monday morning release).

Time stamps-

Identity- 4.04

Supremacy- 15.48


Legacy- 38.18



My 4th week in media

My 4th ever podcast!! This week is a little different as films have been a bit scarce so i thought instead of missing a week id review the sudden surge of comic con trailers. So this week i review the film “Keanu” and the trailers for “Suicide squad”, “Justice league”, “wonder woman”, “Kong: Skull island” and “Blair witch”. This wont be a regular occurrence however if there is a big trailer and films are scarce a couple of trailer reviews may appear. More importantly though i have a new theme song and outro!! To save me from copyright hell and to allow me to put this on Itunes (something that will happen in the near future (probably next week)). This is all thanks to Mark Lomas and Isaac Jordinson who tried really hard to make me something and its turned out amazing. All props go to them and i cant imagine anything better :D. Other than that, the swoosh returns and due to this being recorded very early on a Sunday morning the sound gradually gets better as i wake up. In the next week there will be a Bourne Podcast and a podcast that will review all the huge summer blockbusters (finding dory,jason bourne, star trek beyond and BFG). As always thank you so much for reading this blog and listening to the podcast makes it feel like its really worth while.

My 3rd week in media

My 3rd ever podcast! This week I review “The legend of Tarzan”, “The neon demon”, “Ghostbusters” and “Sons of anarchy: season 1”. I’ve tried to listen to feedback and the big change is the addition of a swoosh sound effect to help break down reviews and trailers. Again everyone was lovely about the last podcast and i’m glad even more people are coming up top me and saying they’ve seen it it really surprises me. I am attempting to upgrade production value with a bit of work over the summer i be at a stage where i can put them all on intunes and be happy with them (Hence the slow introduction of things like sound effects). I really hope you enjoy and if you do please either like this or let me know on any social media what you think of my opinions (Its usually negative so say what you like :D)




Legend of Tarzan – 3.00

Neon Demon – 18.34

Ghostbusters – 29.49

Sons of anarchy season 1 – 40.14

Written and Hosted by Dawson Roberts


My 2nd week in media

My 2nd ever podcast! This time ive tried to improve on everything that was wrong with the first. That means shorter ten minute reviews, star rating system instead of numbers and a more relaxed style. There are still some issues I’m trying to iron out but overall its a definite improvement over last week. This week I have reviewed 4 films (in response to some not being particularly fussed with my OITNB review(there will be some TV reviews throughout though)) these films are; Ice age 5, Now you see me 2, Absolutely Fabulous: the movie and Central Intelligence.

I really appreciate everything people have said about the previous one because I put a lot of effort into it and it’s nice to be recognized for that effort. I hope that this week’s was an improvement over last week’s and if there’s anything at all you think I should change don’t be afraid to tell me. If you think it’s crap tell me, if you don’t like the changes then tell me. My aim is to make this the best it can be and that can only happen if I get feedback.

I realize this has a couple of sound glitches and I’ll try not to make that an issue next time. I also want to bridge the trailers and my voice perhaps with a swoosh sound effect or something similar. I want to make it become more seamless than it is now and I hope that may improve the flow of the podcast each week.

Time stamps-

Central Intelligence- 2.26

Absolutely Fabulous- 10.27

Now you see me 2- 20.24

Ice age: Collision course- 34.16



My week in media

So I haven’t put a post on here for nearly 2 weeks now and that’s because I’ve been extremely busy with lots of various things. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been watching films but what it does mean is that I haven’t had the time to make posts for them. At the moment I have around 7-8 posts that are in the draft stage and as some of these films are no longer at the cinema its likely these wont see the light of day until the BD or DVD releases. But because I’ve been so busy it drew to light 2 major flaws with this blog, hopefully this will help solve those flaws a little bit.

The first flaw was that i haven’t  been reviewing every film I could. I see around 3-4 films a week most of which are at the cinema, and along with school and other outside activities i cannot review every film to a standard I’m happy with. I’m working on so many different things that its near impossible to review everything i see, so i realized i needed a way around this. The second and biggest flaw was that I’m not exactly a brilliant writer, I make lots of grammatical errors and I struggle to notice them. I am trying to improve in that but I know personally that i am a better speaker than I am writer.

So to combat both of those issues, and listen to advice given to me by people who take the time to read my posts, I should just talk about them. So I’m starting this, “My week in media” a weekly podcast in which I review every film I saw in the week . This means I can remove all issues I have with my blog and make it more like me. This by no means, means I’m ending my blog this will continue with reviews throughout the podcasts tenure. However this does mean reviews on the blog will be less frequent but hopefully around 1 or 2 a week. This allows me to talk about every single film I see without the pressure of the blog, its also a lot quicker (or it will be when I get better at editing).

So without further ado here is “My week in media Week 1”, its a crap title i Realize but its catchy so its staying for now. This isn’t the best i admit but I’ve worked really hard on it and I know what to change for future installments. The main thing ill be changing in the future will be the length of the podcast, I understand this is too long however it is digestible and can bed listened in multiple parts. In future my aim is to do 10 minute reviews and make the podcast around 45 minutes long.


Time stamps-

Independence day resurgence- 3.08

Elvis and Nixon- 21.00

The mist- 32.25

Orange is the new black: Season 4 – 52.57



If you have listened THANKYOU!  let me know what you think i appreciate any feedback 🙂