Video reviews! (Jack Reacher 2 review)

So it begins video reviews are finally here and while they are far from perfect this is the first video review I’m actually happy with posting. The idea here is that every single week I do a new video review for every new release I get to go and watch, which means you wont have to sit through an hour long podcast to get a new release review.

For my first review I thought I’d do a big blockbuster currently storming the uk screens and that is “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” starring Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders and Robert Knepper. Its a tame action thriller and you can see all my thought on it in the video link below.


Now as I said the quality of the video isn’t perfect and as the weeks go on and i do more reviews I’m hoping it gets better and better, but for the time being Im happy with the length and style I’m doing it in. If there is anything you think I should change (Thumbnail will change soon i know that’s horrible) please let me know either in person, You-tube or anything else you can find me on.

What does this mean for the podcast though? It means it’s changing but it isn’t gone. The podcast will no longer feature new releases and instead focus primarily on Trailers, Tv and older film reviews (like catch-up reviews and series reviews). The idea is to make the podcast around half an hour shorter than it is now and make it something you could easily listen to on a single bus journey.

As the weeks go on more and more types of videos will be added to the channel like top 5/10’s, Video essays and short films and hopefully youll be able to watch my channel grow with me.

I work endlessly hard on everything for this channel and it means so much when people actually go out of their way to watch these videos and podcasts. I Don’t expect anyone to do it so its all the better when people say they have.

Thankyou so much and enjoy the future of “My week in media”.