My 8th and 9th week in media!

So at this moment in time iTunes is an issue and with moving over to a new website and a variety of other projects at the moment it’s going to be some time before I can actually get back on iTunes and have everything sorted out. So to make up for the lack of an iTunes presence I’ve decided to put the podcast on YouTube. YouTube is going to become more and more prominent as time goes on as I’ve said multiple times I want to move away from the review podcast (want it to be more chatty than formal) and have actual video reviews for each and every film I watch. That hopefully will start before the end of the year, however James again made me some more images an I’ve now got a full YouTube channel in which every podcast gets uploaded to. Older podcast are going to be put on there but for now it’s just the new ones.

So the new podcasts. I didn’t make a blog post on that one as I was very busy but it was released and the reception I had from it was very good, too me it’s the best one I’ve had to date and I really enjoyed recording that despite a foray of terrible films. In that episode I reviewed “Nine Lives”, “Swallows and Amazon’s”, “The butterfly effect”, “Lights out” and a one minute review of “Hardcore Henry”. I hope you enjoy!

Time stamps-

Lights out- 4:47

Nine lives – 16:28

Hardcore Henry – 27:21

Swallows and amazons – 31:00

The butterfly effect – 38:36


In the latest podcast  5 minute reviews are now officially a thing (if you ignore the purge: election year review) and I’m really glad I’ve got to that point now. This is the most reviews I’ve ever got into a podcast, and it’s the same length as any of the previous ones which is great! One minute reviews are more prominent now, an will carry on being in the future, and more features will slowly be introduced in the coming weeks. Anyway this week I review the entire “Purge” trilogy, “David Brent: Life on the road” , “Pop star: Never stop, Never stopping”, ” Mechanic: resurrection”, “Bad moms” and “War dogs”. I hope you enjoy and please like an subscribe and tell me what you think!


Time stamps-

David Brent: Life on the road- 2:32

Mechanic Resurrection – 9:45

(One minute review) The Purge- 16:05

War Dogs- 18:00

Popstar: Never stop, Never stopping – 25:02

(One minute review) The Purge: Anarchy – 33:13

Bad moms – 35:09

The purge: Election year – 42:45


So there we have it two podcasts and so much more to come. My 5 short film project is coming along nicely and I’m well into making all 5 of them I hope to be able to release them all before the end of September and i hope that they are all quite thought provoking.

Dawson Roberts


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