My 4th week in media

My 4th ever podcast!! This week is a little different as films have been a bit scarce so i thought instead of missing a week id review the sudden surge of comic con trailers. So this week i review the film “Keanu” and the trailers for “Suicide squad”, “Justice league”, “wonder woman”, “Kong: Skull island” and “Blair witch”. This wont be a regular occurrence however if there is a big trailer and films are scarce a couple of trailer reviews may appear. More importantly though i have a new theme song and outro!! To save me from copyright hell and to allow me to put this on Itunes (something that will happen in the near future (probably next week)). This is all thanks to Mark Lomas and Isaac Jordinson who tried really hard to make me something and its turned out amazing. All props go to them and i cant imagine anything better :D. Other than that, the swoosh returns and due to this being recorded very early on a Sunday morning the sound gradually gets better as i wake up. In the next week there will be a Bourne Podcast and a podcast that will review all the huge summer blockbusters (finding dory,jason bourne, star trek beyond and BFG). As always thank you so much for reading this blog and listening to the podcast makes it feel like its really worth while.


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