My 3rd week in media

My 3rd ever podcast! This week I review “The legend of Tarzan”, “The neon demon”, “Ghostbusters” and “Sons of anarchy: season 1”. I’ve tried to listen to feedback and the big change is the addition of a swoosh sound effect to help break down reviews and trailers. Again everyone was lovely about the last podcast and i’m glad even more people are coming up top me and saying they’ve seen it it really surprises me. I am attempting to upgrade production value with a bit of work over the summer i be at a stage where i can put them all on intunes and be happy with them (Hence the slow introduction of things like sound effects). I really hope you enjoy and if you do please either like this or let me know on any social media what you think of my opinions (Its usually negative so say what you like :D)




Legend of Tarzan – 3.00

Neon Demon – 18.34

Ghostbusters – 29.49

Sons of anarchy season 1 – 40.14

Written and Hosted by Dawson Roberts



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