The first Ghostbusters trailer is the most disliked film trailer of all time, and fair play. The trailer was a disaster. It was a mixture of unfunny clips and a half put together story, with what looked like a terrible cast and abysmal CGI. This meant that going into this film my opinion had already been tainted. Every trailer from that point on was bound to be labelled as awful, or the worst thing ever made, just because of the first trailer. The concept to me seemed awful, and I will admit that I was one of the many people who completely ripped this film to shreds. I hated this film with every single bone in my body and nothing could make me change my mind about the sin that this was going to be. It featured a cast i hated, a director i hated and a reputation to live up to (Ghostbusters being one of my favorite films of all time) it was not looking good. But what i will say is that although there were still elements i hated in every trailer, they did get funnier with each one. But now i have seen this film the constant hate messages, abuse letters, slaughter and hate this film got, all seems really undeserved. I may be very controversial but i will admit when i am wrong, and i hate to say it but Ghostbusters is probably one of the most entertaining movies of the year so far. I would even go as far as saying its probably better than Ghostbusters 2. Now that was hard to say.

Ghostbusters is directed by Paul Fieg, a director I really dislike. He constantly works with everybody’s favorite fat friend, Melisa McCarthy, and managed to make her the typecast actress  she is now. So when it was announced that not only would Paul fieg be directing but Melisa McCarthy would be joining him, this film was instantly in my bad books. But like I said earlier, and will be saying a lot during this review, i was wrong. Not only does Melisa really work for this role all of the cast outdo the expectations I had. The cast is made up of the 4 main ghostbusters Melisa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones each of them make up the new female team which is all coordniated by their useless secratary, Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth. The ghostbusters team themselves have such good chemistry and I love seeing them on screen together. Every time they come together they fit really nicely as a pack. It reminds me very much of the first time we see all the original ghostbusters team up and work together. Kate McKinnon stands out to me as the funniest ghostbuster as her quirkiness made her standout above the crowd, and while eveyone had a distinctive trait hers stood out to me the most. The villian played by Neil Casey was okay however I’ll talk more about him when I go into the plot. The majority of the side cast was really funny aswell and worked really well, however a couple did seem a bit cheesy at times, however for the most part they were pretty good. But too me the standout character in this is Chris Hemsworth. Every single line he had was killing me, he was so funny and his comic timing is brilliant, something I didn’t think I’d be saying about Thor. Not only are his scenes funny but they’re memorable, and his lines and jokes stand out to me more than any other in the film. He out does ever other cast member including all the ghostbusters and is probably my favourite ever ghostbuster character. The team dynamic is what makes the cast great though. Even though the concept of female ghostbusters was heavily frowned upon you can’t watch this film and not see the amazing chemistry the 4 girls have with each other.

“Can i bring my cat to work?”

The plot itself reminds me very much of the original ghostbusters and it’s nice to see the homages in just the way the film is structured. The film has a way or using basic plot structure to intrigue you and although the plot isn’t amazing it’s nice to see a film go back to basics and not have to constantly throw plot twists at you too keep it interesting. The villian himself is a very by numbers villian but it works. Every villian in ghostbusters has been very similar in that sense, and I don’t mind the fact that this one is the same. The film builds its villian up for the big third act and I think it paid off really well. The use of one character in particular, leading the ghosts, worked really well and I loved the way they did the huge ghost battle. I like the fact that this film went back to basics with plot and genuinely felt like a ghostbusters film. There were those moments when the cast were suiting up and preparing for a fight that were so cool and worked so well. There were moments which felt genuinely badass (I’m thinking the kate McKinnon pistol scene in particular). But most of all there were moments where it felt like I was watching the original film! Thats what this film needed the most.

Techinally this film was shaping up to be terrible, the CGI looked bad and the soundtrack was shaping up to be awful. Like the majority of things I originally thought, I was very wrong to assume. The CGI was actually very impressive and some of the large scale destruction looked brilliant, and the use of smoke CGI was pretty solid. The actual proton beams looked amazing and it’s the best looking ghostbusters we’ve ever had. What the original did really well ,and a reason as to why it holds up so well today, is its use of practical effects. This film equally does this and is a reason as to why this could easily hold up in the future. The props look great and the use of things like slime really grounded the film. It would have been very easy for the film to use a lot of CGI for some of the action moments but I really appreciated the use of practical effects all round. The soundtrack was actually something I really liked in this. The ghostbusters song by fall out boy I really hate on its own, but when accompanied by a badass sequence of the ghostbusters driving around in the Ecto-1 for the first time it really works. I loved the music for the most part, however I think the modern ghostbusters theme (without vocals) should have been used either more, or closer to the end (maybe in the big final battle). Other than that I really liked the music and the way it worked with the film. The cinematography was for the most part good and the directing istelf is probably Pauls best work to date.

The proton beams look insanely good

If I was to point out issues it would be that not every joke landed the way I think it was supposed too, I think a 12a rating was the reason for this. I was particularly irritated by the use of swearing, how it was used at some points but not at others and replaced with words like “shoot”, it didn’t fit with the tone and ruined some moments. Yes it is a kids film, but there is swearing in the film I think it should have been used more wisely (a 15 rated Blu-Ray cut would/could fix this). Sometimes the pacing was off, but  I blame that on editing. The first time Melissa and Kristen met was also bit awkward and the use of immature humour doesn’t really pop up throughout any of the film and  I don’t know why it was used so much at the start. Other than that there was a just a couple of other niggles I had.

Overall, I can’t be more happy to have actually enjoyed this film. I will be one of the first to say sorry to Paul Feig. I have given this film so much hate and I regret it all now. I couldn’t have been more wrong this film did the title justice, it’s one of the best reboots we’ve had. I really hope this film does well and we get a sequel. I never in a million years thought that I would happily go and see the female ghostbusters reboot multiple times at the cinema. This shows that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover (or a film by its trailer). Take the time to go and see this film, it’s better than it looks. that is coming from the person who was having a one man war with this film and regards the original ghostbusters as one of the greatest films ever made.

Written by Dawson Roberts

Release Date- 11th of July 2016

Directed by Paul Feig
Produced by
Written by

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