My 2nd week in media

My 2nd ever podcast! This time ive tried to improve on everything that was wrong with the first. That means shorter ten minute reviews, star rating system instead of numbers and a more relaxed style. There are still some issues I’m trying to iron out but overall its a definite improvement over last week. This week I have reviewed 4 films (in response to some not being particularly fussed with my OITNB review(there will be some TV reviews throughout though)) these films are; Ice age 5, Now you see me 2, Absolutely Fabulous: the movie and Central Intelligence.

I really appreciate everything people have said about the previous one because I put a lot of effort into it and it’s nice to be recognized for that effort. I hope that this week’s was an improvement over last week’s and if there’s anything at all you think I should change don’t be afraid to tell me. If you think it’s crap tell me, if you don’t like the changes then tell me. My aim is to make this the best it can be and that can only happen if I get feedback.

I realize this has a couple of sound glitches and I’ll try not to make that an issue next time. I also want to bridge the trailers and my voice perhaps with a swoosh sound effect or something similar. I want to make it become more seamless than it is now and I hope that may improve the flow of the podcast each week.

Time stamps-

Central Intelligence- 2.26

Absolutely Fabulous- 10.27

Now you see me 2- 20.24

Ice age: Collision course- 34.16




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