The Boss


The boss is the latest film starring everybody’s favourite fat friend Melissa McCarthy. Melissa McCarthy has a issue of being very type cast, every single film she’s been in she plays the same character, from “Identity theif” to “Tammy” she always seems to play this fat character that’s always a bitch to everyone around her. The boss as expected puts Melissa McCarthy in the exact same role as every other film she’s been in and makes her a unlikeable character who with the help of a likeable character becomes likeable herself. It’s generic and unimaginative which unfortunately is now what you expect when you see a Melissa McCarthy film.

The film is directed by Ben Falcone and surprisingly is written and produced by will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Melissa herself. You’d think with a group of talented comedians such as that this film would have a lot of potential however it really doesn’t. The plot follows Michelle Darnell a very rich and successful entrepreneur who after a fight with her ex samurai boyfriend (Peter dinklage) gets arrested and loses all her money. This means she now has to deal with normal people and right her wrongs,so to do that she destroys an entire girl scout group, forms “a brownie empire” and tries to make her fortune back. While that to some may sound funny to some, to me it didn’t work very well. Much alike everything in this film it’s a very generic story with little to no imagination. The story never goes anywhere substantial, we get a very cliche sub plot about what it means to have a family and a bit of a “fight scene” at the end. Of course not every comedy needs a amazing story to be a great comedy (Deadpool is a good example of this) if the film consistently makes you laugh then it does it’s job. Admittedly it doesn’t take a lot to make me laugh and on a couple of occasions the film did make me chuckle, the rest of the cinema however (which I’ll add was quite full) were not laughing at all. When I saw 22 jump Street the entire cinema was in hysterics and the same goes for most comedies I’ve seen in the cinemas, but this film could not elicit a single laugh from the audience. The key to making a good comedy is simple, make people laugh. When your film fails to do that for the majoirty of its runtime it’s a sign this film isn’t very good. As I said at times it did make me laugh and so in some respect it did it’s job, but none of the jokes were very imaginative or clever.

Were never not told that Melisa McCarthy is a rich self centred fat cat

The cast were all round very average, none of the child actors were any good and it’s ruined my recent trend of great child actors (ignoring “The darkness”). Mellisa McCarthy did nothing different to any other role she’s ever played and it just led to more dull moments. She’s been so typecast now that just seeing do anything remotely different would be a welcome surprise. Kristen Bell plays the friend and ex colleague of Melissa, Michelle, and is truly awful. She comes across as awkward and the least motherly a person can be. It’s surprising how bad she actually is considering her track record is relatively okay. There’s simply no life or emotion in her character, I never felt any connection to her and it just seemed like she was doing the bare minimum in ever scene. Peter dinklage has been shown to pretty awful in almost everything except game of thrones and while in this he’s the best actor it certainly doesn’t mean he’s good. He always seems awkward on screen and I don’t think this role worked particularly well for him, it would have been better if it had been someone like will ferrel and he had more screen time. Peter is funny but i still think its not really the right role for him. The fact we see very little of his character is the reason I don’t think he’s very good in this, he’s underdeveloped and when on screen he’s really funny so it confuses me why he’s in it so little.

Peter Dinklage is the best part of the whole film and he's not even that good

The directing is pretty dull and uninspired along with pretty much every other technical aspect. A highlight could be the slow motion fight scene between the girls but even that has been done plenty of times before. The Soundtrack is very generic and boring and cinematography is not at all impressive like the majority of things, it’s the bare minimum. It’s hard for me to talk about any of the technical aspects because none of them are at all interesting, they’re not particularly bad but they’re not good either, just average.

Now obviously I’m not going into this film expecting a masterpiece but I would have liked more than what I got. Mellisa McCarthy needs to try something different which is probably what ghostbusters will be, however I’m not speaking about the sin that is the ghostbusters reboot just yet, it’s become boring to see her in this role where she’s just everyone’s worst nightmare. Every aspect of this film is boring, yes there’s a couple of laughs but this is not something I recommend to anyone. Go and see the conjuring 2 because this is not worth your time.

Written By Dawson Roberts


Release date- 10th June 2016

Directed by- Ben Falcone

Produced by- Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy

Written by- Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Steve Mallory


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