Green Room


Let’s get this straight out of the way, this film is brutal. Green room is directed by Jeremy Saulnier and stars Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkhat. t’s a Horror/Thriller film set inside a neo-Nazi music venue, the film follows a punk rock band called the “Aint rights” and like their band title suggests this gig ain’t right. After they perform a relatively successful gig they are asked to follow someone and leave but when one of them goes back to get there phone which they left in the green room they return to see a body, its at that point it all kicks off.

The cast in this film are great as someone who loves Patrick Stewart I think this role fit him perfectly he is just the right amount of evil for this. Imogen poots as an unfortunate bystander played her role brilliantly and I really liked her character she was a real badass and knew exactly how to play her chabadass, she is also worryingly skilled with a box cutter.The band themselves are all really likeable characters but I can’t say each of them gave standout performances because some were in it for little to no time before being killed off. This is probably the film’s biggest issue, pacing at times felt off and while some characters deaths were intense and shocking others were so rushed over that it had no impact. This doesn’t represent everyone though and its only a few occasions I felt like it was an issue. One character for instance is in it for around a minute but they are killed off really well, didn’t need to know every character and there life story but some of the “main cast” were underplayed. Imogen poots as an unfortunate bystander played her role brilliantly and I really liked her character she was a real badass and knew exactly how to play her character she is also worryingly skilled with a box cutter.

The Directing in this film is pretty great I personally have never seen a film by Saulnier but if Blue Ruin is like this I’ll be watching it soon. Cinematography is also pretty good aswell with some shots being really well done and dramatic again the box cutter scene was brilliantly shot. I don’t normally mention editing in my reviews of things unless I think it’s important and normally it’s not something I notice in a film. However I think this is the only other major flaw with this film, It’s poorly edited. Scenes were cut too short or didn’t feel right the way they were done, there were times when someone’s body was being dragged away and it cut after 2 seconds and therefore didn’t see who it was. This was not the only time this happened as there was multiple occasions when I was left genuinely confused because the editing felt rushed. Im not sure if the editor was forced to a strict time limit of 95 minutes but if this film was say half an hour longer then it probably would have fixed these issues. It probably didn’t help that the cast was so large and at times there was so many different characters it became confusing to know who was who and who was fighting for who. So it’s only in the last act if the film were the much smaller cast really shines and the film becomes a lot more intense.

This leads nicely on to the end of the film which I thought was it’s strongest aspect. The last scene was incredibly intense and with only a few characters left it really emphasised what a messed up situation they were all in. The ending like the rest of the film used violence brilliantly every shot of a gun felt intense like every single bullet counted towards something. Nothing felt fake either which is quite worrying in a film  were people’s arms are getting hacked to pieces, it made the film very intense and at times hard to watch. That is not a bad thing though, I haven’t seen a mainstream horror film this brutal in a long time and it shows why horror needs to be a 18 only affair. Yes not every horror film “needs” to be a 18 but these teen horror films are a waste of everyone’s time (I’m gonna do a rant about teen/modern horror soon).

Overall this film is brutal and intense and that works for it in so many ways however the only thing stopping it from being a near perfect film is a longer run time to fix some pacing/editing issues I know it’s picky but it wouldn’t have affected me if there wasn’t so much to keep up with. If you like classic horror then see this film if your a bit squeamish or only like being scared this probably isn’t for you. Horror isn’t always jump scares, sometimes it’s just violence and that’s something this film mastered.wp-1463147519413.png

Directed By- Jeremy Saulnier

Written By- Jeremy Saulnier

Produced By- Neil Kopp


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